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Fresh Shrimp USA (SHRIMP FARM)

Fresh Shrimp USA L.L.C. is solemnly committed to the community and the environment. Our intensive production process used to cultivate shrimp in a greenhouse includes a closed recirculation system of salt water, a water heating system powered by natural gas boilers, and a strict biologically secure system (completely sealed off to vectors of diseases). We make use of the most advanced technology available WHILE STAYING AWAY FROM CHEMICALS AND ANTIBIOTICS. We also recycle all the organic waste to cultivate mangroves in our own nurseries.
Our main goal is offer benefits to our city, our state and our county by responsibly hiring more tan eighty direct employees in the next two years. There is no doubt that this innovative and high technology investment in which we are engaging will benefit Indiantown’s growing prosperity and for this, we are exited.

Fresh Shrimp USA is also concerned with the education of our community. We would like to create an environmental awareness in our children and youth by providing educational programs to different schools and universities by showcasing our system.

Seafood Expo North America

Atlantic Seafood Packing Plant (PROCESSING PLANT)

Fish and shrimp processing plant., HACCP GMPS, and BMPS. programs
We give added value, we increase our profits.
Strategical Location.
Located at Indiantown, Florida

Roatán Shrimp Company (SHRIMP FARM & PACKING PLANT)

Roatán Shrimp Company will reach a production capacity of 1.2 million pounds on its third year of operationWith our commercial plan we will provide different strategies to captivate international tourism y national market. Our floating restaurant as well as our shrimp museum are key for this purpose, local and on line sales are also part of the strategy for this specific location. Additionally with the construction of a processing plant we will increase the projects feasibility given the fact that we will be able to process and have shrimp in different formats to supply all outlets. 

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